Customer Testimonials


"I will not plant one acre of corn or beans without the Strip maker! My stands were flawless and my yields reflected it. The fertilizer placement rally makes a difference! Keeping the fertilizer away from the residue is important."

~ Ryan Lutkemeier of Campbell, NE


"The Strip Cat has allowed me to strip till corn on corn with no problems."

~ Brandon Grubbs of Cullum, IL


"The Strip Cat has made my farming much easier and less time consuming."

~ Stan Holsapple of Greenup, IL


"I had early plant vigor and emergence which converts to higher yields. For corn on corn it is a no brainer! Fertilizer placement is a must."

~ Chad Lindau of Hildreth, NE


"Corn planted after the Strip maker was 17 bushel better than my slot planted corn! Corn planted on the strips emerged evenly and was out of the ground 4 to 5 days earlier than what I slot planted."

~ Cecil Schriner of Wilcox, NE


"It was simple and easy and produced the most even stands with precise timing on the emergence. My populations were what I dropped!"

~ Jason Olson of Holdrege, NE


"The Strip maker is the best spring tillage tool I have. I have rolling hills as well as flat ground and works on both. My stands near perfect which goes to the bottom line! The fertilizer placement is one of my steps for precision fertilizer management."

~ Brandon Jameson of Minden, NE


"The ground warmed up quicker and made a perfect narrow path to plant in. The Strip maker made planting fun. The fertilizer placement kept the nitrogen away from the residue."

~ RHN Jacobsen of Franklin, NE


"Removal of corn residue is a must for optimum emergence and stands. I made my planting operation so much easier and placement of the fertilizer was key. It also allowed me to variable rate my fertility close to the row."

~ Eric Maaske of Oxford, NE


"Great system. User friendly operation and required less horsepower than others I looked at."

~ Marlin Spare of St. John, KS


"I strip till all my ground with the Strip Cat and it has allowed me to farm more acres efficiently."

~ Todd Tobin of Byers, KS


"Our corn comes up faster and more evenly with strip till."

~ Wayne Fouts of Hildreth, NE

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