Twin Row Planter

The Twin Diamond twin row planter has now been completed and is currently being tested for accuracy, durability, and functionality. The purpose of the TDI twin row planter is to achieve higher yields without the higher populations through singulation of both seed and fertilizer.

Reducing plant competition for sunlight, water, and nutrients will greatly enhance the yield potential of most full-flex and semi-flex hybrids. This will also reduce demand for higher inputs.

Twin row corn, soybean, and sorghum on 30”, 36” or 40” will require no further investment on equipment since it has been proven existing combines will harvest these crops at those spacing. (See video on this web site).

Twin Diamond Industries are in hopes that by using a synergistic approach to twin row production such as strip till/strip making, nutrient management, we can reach much higher yields without buying bushels.

Stay posted throughout the season to see the results. Twin Diamond hopes to be in limited production of 8, 12, and 16 row twin row planters in the spring of 2016.

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